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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to set up my therapynotes account?

Setting up your TherapyNotes account properly will help reduce the likelihood of rejected insurance claims, ensure that your staff has access to what they need in TherapyNotes while limiting access to only what they need to know, and make documentation faster and easier.

How do I add clients to therapynotes?

TherapyNotes offers two ways for existing practices to add clients into TherapyNotes. If you are coming to TherapyNotes from another EHR vendor or if you are able to create a spreadsheet of your client data, TherapyNotes can import this information to your account for your free of charge.

What are progress notes for recreational therapists?

Progress notes for recreational therapists can encompass a wide variety of clinical problems and interventions, from addictions inpatient facilities to physical rehabilitation and more. Like play therapy, recreational therapy uses recreational activities as part of the intervention approach.

What are the benefits of taking notes in therapy?

Good notes improve your ability to recall details between sessions, and avoid repeating past interventions that didn’t work. Bringing details of past sessions into the therapy room also helps you establish trust and rapport with your new clients, as evidence that you’re really listening.

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