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Frequently Asked Questions

What is therapyportal?

TherapyPortal is your own, unique client portal that you can customize to suit the needs of your practice. Your custom client portal is included with your TherapyNotes subscription at no extra cost and facilitates a paperless intake process. Allow clients to view when clinicians are available for appointments

How do clients access their therapynotes account?

Clients can access their account using the email address they have on file in TherapyNotes, their date of birth, and a secure password that they create. Have a parent that needs access to portal resources for two or more of their children?

How do I add my practice logo to therapyportal?

Getting started with TherapyPortal is as simple as clicking a checkbox. Click the User Icon > Settings > Client Portal and select Enable your client portal. If you've uploaded a logo to TherapyNotes, your practice logo will be featured on your portal automatically.

What forms are included in therapynotes?

TherapyNotes also includes pre-made Patient Information and Patient Contacts forms, fully-integrated online intake forms that correspond to the Patient Info tab of a client's chart. If you need a signature from your client, there's no need to print out documents for your client to sign in the office.

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