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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Walsingham on Coastliner?

A regular bus service is provided as Walsingham is on the Coastliner bus route (service number 36) with destinations including Fakenham, Wells, Hunstanton and King's Lynn. [29] Walsingham House School, South Bombay, India.

Is Walsingham Priory open to the public?

Walsingham Priory (St Mary's Priory, or ...Abbey) Augustinian ( Canons Regular) - open to the public (fee) [16] 4 miles (6.4 km) to the northeast is Binham Priory . Great Walsingham, which is actually the smaller settlement

How is the changing Mirror told?

This story is told in the new coming-of-age novel by Evan Edwards, The Changing Mirror. The characters are realistically drawn, the dialogue snappy and the scenes described in evocative yet concise style. You will find yourself reading each page with anticipation, wondering what will befall Alexander next...

What is the elevation of Little Walsingham?

The centre of Little Walsingham is at an elevation of around 17 metres (56 ft) and lies within the Stiffkey valley, with the land rising to the east and west — to the west it rises to around 75 metres (246 ft) at Egmere. National Cycle Route 1 passes through the village.

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