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Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Bronx pizza in Hillcrest?

Located between between First & Third streets on Washington St. Bronx Pizza has been a staple in the San Diego neighborhood of Hillcrest since the mid 90s and no less an iconic eatery than any... in all of San Diego.

What are Bronx Pizza’s hours?

AWARDS Call Now 619 291 3341 BRONX PIZZA Hours Monday 5pm-9pm Tuesday-Thursday 11am-9pm Friday &Saturday 11am-10 pm Sunday 11am-9pm We use cookies to enable essential functionality on our website, and analyze website traffic. By clicking Accept you consent to our use of cookies. Read about how we use cookies. Cookie settingsAccept

Is Bronx pizza legit?

Bronx Pizza is the all time undefeated champion of legit pizza in San Diego. #Facts. I shall definitely be back to fulfill my pizza cravings in the future! This place reminds me of home.

Is there a parking lot in the Bronx?

The parking lot next door doesn't allow parking for Bronx so you will have to unfortunately street park. If you're craving pizza, you can't go wrong and I recommend trying at least once! If you're not craving pizza but hungry, try here! My favorite pizza spot in SD!

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