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Frequently Asked Questions

How important are the results of a COGAT test?

Depending on the reason the school administers the CogAT, the results can be very important for your child. It does a good job at predicting how well a child will do over the course of their studies. CogAT test results can also be useful to pinpoint a child's strengths in order to further develop them.

What does the COGAT test do?

What Is the CogAT Test? Aptitude Test. The CogAT test is given to all grades, from Kindergarten through grade 12. ... Adapt to Child's Needs. The most important goal of the CogAT test is to help teachers adapt instructional goals, methods and materials to the individual needs of the student. Measures Students. ... Expectations. ... Norms. ...

What is considered gifted on the COGAT?

Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT) - Highly Gifted Child. The areas tested here is considered important in determining future academic success. This is seen in the scores that you presented. His percentiles indicates very high scores in the high 90s range, with statines between 8 and 9 (9 being the maximum).

How many questions were on the COGAT?

In total, the CogAT has between 118 and 176 questions, depending on the level. The table in the following section details the number of questions by level. See the table below for the full details on the different lengths of each test:

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