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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning of term?

the time or period through which something lasts. a period of time to which limits have been set: elected for a term of four years. one of two or more divisions of a school year, during which instruction is regularly provided. an appointed or set time or date, as for the payment of rent, interest, wages, etc. terms,

What is the meaning of word?

term. (tɜrm) n. 1. a word or group of words designating something, esp. in a particular field: the term atom in physics. 2. any word or group of words considered as a member of a construction or utterance. 3. the time or period through which something lasts.

What is a medical term?

a name, expression, or word used for some particular thing, esp in a specialized field of knowledgea medical term any word or expression a limited period of time his second term of office; a prison term any of the divisions of the academic year during which a school, college, etc, is in session

What does término mean?

( Math, Logic) → término m in practical terms this means that → en la práctica esto significa que ... 3. a word or expression. Myopia is a medical term for short-sightedness. término 1. the rules or conditions of an agreement or bargain. They had a meeting to arrange terms for an agreement. condiciones 2. fixed charges (for work, service etc ).

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