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Frequently Asked Questions

How many scientific words are there in Sanskrit?

There are thousands of scientific words, concepts, terms and phrases in Sanskrit. Please do visit Sanskrit Dictionary for Spoken Sanskrit for more words. Any other words you’re looking for?

What languages are influenced by Sanskrit?

Indian languages aren’t the only ones influenced by Sanskrit—there are a number of words in the English language that come from this language, including some everyday words that may surprise you. Read on to learn about 17 words in English that ultimately come from the ancient language of Sanskrit.

What is a good name in Sanskrit for incredible?

अतुल्य (“Atulya”) the incredible is Gud name. I love this word “ekagrata’’ which means Concentration (Sanskrit: एकाग्रता, "one-pointedness") Forget expensive doorbell cameras - Get this instead! What are some good name in Sanskrit for school? Daksha - Being adroit [ not just education, focus on skill development] [दक्ष ]

What does Prajna mean in Sanskrit?

The words Prajna and Dhee stands for intelligence. Thus, ‘Kritaka Prajna’ or ‘Kritaka Dhee’ or ‘Kalpita Prajna’ ‘Prajna Kalpa’ means artificial intelligence. What are some cool words in Sanskrit?

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