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Frequently Asked Questions

What is technology innovation and what defines it?

Thus, technology innovation is doing something that creates value with technology. Ignore academic straight-jackets and those that believe only a Silicon Valley company like Google or Apple can be labelled as innovative.

What example of Technology Innovation can you identify?

What examples of technological innovation can you identify? What forces led to the commercialization of the science behind these technologies? Did the capability exist before the market demand or was the demand there before the technology was available? The two technological innovations I can identify are product and process innovation.

What does technological innovation mean?

What is technological innovation? Technological innovation is innovation in processes and products through the development or implementation of a new technology in order to optimize performance and results.

What are technical innovations?

Technical innovation is a technical extension of innovation. The idea has a separate understanding in the fields of academics, science, and business. It’s a process of implementing new ideas, experience, extensive knowledge from a technical perspective. Also, it focuses on solving problems and addressing needs through technical means.

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