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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a high technology crime?

High Technology Crime Law and Legal Definition. There are two distinct categories of high technology crimes. The first category includes those traditional crimes that are committed using computers. It includes any crimes that are computer assisted such as distributing child pornography, selling or purchasing illegal drugs, laundering money,...

What is 'technocrime'?

This book is concerned with the concept of ‘technocrime’. The term encompasses crimes committed on or with computers. It goes beyond the standard definition of cybercrime to convey the idea that technology enables an entirely new way of committing, combating, and thinking about criminality, criminals, police, courts, victims and citizens.

What are the criminal uses of Technology?

Research over the past decade has begun elaborating on various criminal uses of the technology, including computer hacking and digital piracy, the creation and dissemination of child pornography and sexting, identity fraud and theft, and cyber bullying and harassment.

Is there a coherent body of research on the criminal use of Technology?

The development of a coherent body of research on the criminal use of technology spans disciplines and theories of individual and group behavior. Indeed, it is noteworthy that these areas are concerns not just for criminology, but also for public health, human development, computer science, economics, and public policy.

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