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Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a TeamSpeak 5 server?

This is what we know so far: TeamSpeak 5 will be a client only release. TeamSpeak 5 is a complete rewrite with a whole new technology stack. There will be no TeamSpeak 5 server. The TeamSpeak 3 server supports both TeamSpeak 3 and TeamSpeak 5 clients. TeamSpeak 3 and TeamSpeak 5 clients are interoperable.

Why is TeamSpeak so popular?

TeamSpeak’s superior voice quality and low resource usage, is the reason we are the number one choice for professional gamers and esports stars around the world We have added machine-learning background-noise cancellation, advanced voice detection, multi-track recording, in-line pink noise filters and a whole host of other audio improvements

Is the new client backwards compatible with Teamspeak server?

Our new client is fully backwards compatible, with its core function being run on the same proven technology as its predecessors. It is fully compatible with current versions of the TeamSpeak Server, so you don't need to set up additional software or reconfigure your existing infrastructure. Same.

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