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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a code for TeamSpeak?

Apply for beta on ( unavailable ). Find someone who is willing to give you code (do not find them on forum as it wasn’t created for this and do not pay for it elsewhere). Find one on TeamSpeak’s social media (they are mostly hidden in pictures and sometimes posted in plain text, but you must be fast, cause codes are one-time use).

Does TeamSpeak want to give you the TS5 client immediately?

Since TeamSpeak doesn't want everyone to give you the TS5 client immediately, I'd like to give you some compensation. * (PS: All these codes I have collected so far all over the days of TeamSpeak users who sent them to me!)* I have the following offers for you and your friends.

How do I get the TeamSpeak scill play badge?

Once you had collected 110 coins, you were able to buy the TeamSpeak SCILL Play Badge through the website’s built-in marketplace. You could also buy 100 SCILL coins for 99 cents if you didn’t want to complete the challenges. Name: Alpha Tester​ (Helped to test our software. THANK YOU! ) Become a TeamSpeak Alpha Tester.

What is the “met Tim” badge?

This “Met Tim” Badge was awarded to everyone who found TimSpeak somewhere Buy a product from the 2nd Edition TeamSpeak Merch - TeamSpeak Merchandise Store (Merch Store currently offline) Won through TeamSpeak Giveaway (Site Offline), e.g. ‘TeamSpeak Summer Giveaway’ & ‘TeamSpeak Mega Giveaway with ASUS ROG’.

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