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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TeamSpeak beta signup open?

Beta signup is open again! If you want to test-drive the upcoming TeamSpeak Client, then head over to and add your name to the waiting list. We hope to hear you soon! Who else just needs the beta and comes here daily to try?

Is teamspeak3 still the best VOIP solution?

Even if the design of TeamSpeak3 is getting old it still is the best VoIP solution (in my opinion). what does it change if it is an open beta phase you can still work in peace, only that you can test it more Open beta means more people. More people means more of the same bugs.

What makes TeamSpeak different?

As a TeamSpeak user, we know you expect the best. What really makes TeamSpeak different, is that YOU are in complete control. Unlike other solutions, we don’t force you to use our centralized servers. We don’t harvest your data, then sell it on. We don’t tell you how things should work or look. It’s your choice.

Why is TeamSpeak the number 1 choice for pro gamers?

There is a reason that TeamSpeak is the Number 1 choice for pro gamers. Forget that we provide the best voice quality available. Forget that we provide military-grade security, ultra low latency, the lowest resource usage of any VoIP software and 3D surround sound as standard. As a TeamSpeak user, we know you expect the best.

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