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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a center console boat cover without a T-top?

No problem. Our Center Console Boat Covers are designed specifically for boats without a t-top. These covers are made from the same material as our T-Top Boat Covers and will provide your investment with the same durability, longevity and sleek fit.

What are T-top covers for boats?

These T-Top Covers attach under your T-Top to keep moisture from forming on your boat. Wholesale Marine is proud to carry the Taylor Made line of boat covers that are custom made in the USA. At Wholesale Marine, you’ll be able to shop and compare three different fabric choices for T-top covers.

Why choose Laporte products T-top boat covers?

LaPorte Products flagship product, the T-Top Boat Cover, is designed specifically for center console boats with a t-top. These are easy to install, durable, lightweight, and custom-made covers designed to fit your boat like a glove while also providing premier protection from the elements.

How do our lightweight center console covers work?

Our lightweight center console covers are uniquely designed with webbing straps and adjustable clips that allow for easy positioning and a secure fit on a wide range of T-Top frames. Custom Covers attach under your T-Top to keep moisture from forming in your boat. You can Install or remove your cover in as little as five minutes.

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