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Frequently Asked Questions

What does SWP stand for?

London Southwest (postcode, United Kingdom) SW Scapegoat Wax (band) SW Slepian-Wolf (source network) SW Socialist Worker's Party (also seen as SWP) SW Synchronization Word SW Signals Warfare SW Ship's Warrant (US Navy) SW Split Web (railway defect) SW Shipboard Weapon SW Samurai Wakizashi SW Server Wallet SW Stud Arc Welding SW Sarcasm Warning SW

What are the SW's in World of Warcraft?

Stormwind (gaming, World of Warcraft) SW Sedro-Woolley (Washington) SW Steve Wilkos (TV show) SW Switchgear SW Surface Warfare SW Surface Wave SW Swann "Blood Group" SW Small Works (architecture) SW Socket Weld (piping joint) SW Air Namibia (IATA airline code) SW Shock Waves (movie) SW Swing Phase (gait cycle) SW Shrink Wrapped SW

What does SW software stand for?

Acronym Definition SW Software SW Southwest SW Star Wars SW Snow Showers (weather reports) 87 more rows ...

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