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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some examples of things you can do with SVG?

SVG矢量图是可缩放矢量图形的编写,基于XML的标记语言,SVG是一种基于可扩展标记语言,用于描述二维矢量图形的图形格式。 Pixso具有数百种功能,可以帮助你创建出色的网站。

What is the best way to learn SVG?

Embed the SVG XML directly in an HTML page. Open textSVG.htm in Chrome web browser. You can use Chrome/Firefox/Opera to view SVG image directly without any plugin. In Internet Explorer, activeX controls are required to view SVG images. <svg> element indicates the start of SVG image.

How do you open an SVG file?

How to open an SVG file. From Chrome and Edge to Safari and Firefox, all the major browsers allow you to open SVG files these days — whether you’re on a Mac or Windows. Just launch your browser and click on File > Open to choose the file you want to view. It’ll then be displayed in your browser.

What are some benefits of using SVG?

SVG 与 JPEG 和 GIF 图像比起来,尺寸更小,且可压缩性更强。 自我理解 :html只能做一些简单的图形 (长方形,正方形 加圆角…)而svg可以做不规则的图形,更加复杂、炫酷的图形,可以与js结合,基于xml

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