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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Steve Hackett going on tour in 2021?

7th December 2021: Hot on the heels of his most successful solo tour ever, Steve Hackett announces his Steve Hackett Genesis Revisited - Foxtrot at Fifty + Hackett Highlights tour for 2022.

Is the Steve Hackett – Genesis Revisited tour back on?

David Roy Williams’ Steve Hackett – Genesis Revisited tour is back on for 2022. The Steve Hackett Australian tour was a casualty of the Covid lockdowns. The 2020 tour was bumped to 2021 and now 2022. Hackett was a member of Genesis from the band’s third album ‘Nursery Crime’ in 1971 through to the 1977 live album ‘Seconds Out’ in 1977.

Who are the members of John Hackett's Band?

Having released two albums, Hackett was faced with the task of assembling a band to perform the material live. This became a group with John Hackett on flute, bass pedals, and guitar, Dik Cadbury on bass and vocals, Nick Magnus on keyboards, John Shearer on drums, and Pete Hicks on lead vocals.

What is Steve Hackett's new album?

^ "Steve Hackett: Announces release of new studio album 'At The Edge Of Light ' ". InsideOut Music. 25 October 2018. Retrieved 26 October 2018. ^ "2019 European Tour Dates Announced". HackettSongs. September 2018. Retrieved 24 September 2018.

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