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Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited tour?

One of many tours forced to postpone during the past two years of the pandemic was Steve Hackett’s brilliant Genesis Revisited tour. Having originally planned to appear at The Parker in Ft Lauderdale two years ago, the legendary guitar icon and Hall of Fame member of Genesis was finally back to a sold out crowd.

What is seconds out by Steve Hackett?

Seconds Out is an inspired choice for Steve Hackett to revisit in concert. Not only the guitarist’s swansong with Genesis, the live album is a ready-made greatest hits collection of his tenure with the band.

How old is Steve Hackett?

Steve Hackett live review: take a little trip back… It is hard to believe that our musical host for the evening is a mere 71 years young. Many of the masterpieces on tonight’s menu have been performed live nearly 500 times over the last 5 decades.

Did Hackett perform full albums on tour?

Over the past couple of years Hackett has performed full albums on tour whether it was Selling England by the Pound, or the classic love album Seconds Out . To make up for the missed dates, the audience was treated to full performances of both albums, and what a treat it was.

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