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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the steam option on dryers worth it?

Drying your clothes with additional steam can kill germs, remove odors, and soften wrinkles. Those benefits make it easy to refresh your clothes without having to rewash them. But if your budget is limited, a conventional dryer will do just fine. This article will help you figure out for yourself if the steam option on dryers is worth it.

How much does a non-steam dryer cost?

Most non-steam dryers have similar cycles, but are not as effective without steam. Electrolux steam dryers range from $899 - $1,399. Their $939 model EIMED55IIW is their most popular and is fully featured. Whirlpool duet is one of the most highly rated and well known laundry sets. Their model WED94HEXW for $1,099.99 is a nice choice as well.

Do clothes dryers save energy and money?

Some cost less than half, depending on the brand and model. However, because you can refresh clothes in a steam dryer, you may save in energy costs over time, because steam dryers make it possible to wear an item more than once before it has to be washed and dried. AP Wagner: How Do Clothes Dryers Work?

How does a steam dryer work?

When you select the steam option on the dryer, the appliance will deliver a water mist into the drum, which converts to steam because of the high temperature inside. But where does that water come from? Dryer models with a steam option will get their water from either a connected water supply or a water reservoir.

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