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Frequently Asked Questions

When to file statement of information California?

WHEN TO FILE. Corporations must file with the California Secretary of State every year, and Limited Liability Companies (LLC) and certain other organizations every two years. Newly formed or registered companies must file their first Statement of Information within 90 days of forming or first registering their company with the state.

How often to file CA statement of information?

All businesses in California are required to file a Statement of Information with the California Secretary of State. For some businesses, this filing is done annually, while for others it is done biennially (every two years). A Statement of Information can be filed online.

How often do you have to file statement of information?

Filing Periods Domestic stock and agricultural cooperative corporations must file a complete Statement of Information (Form SI-550) within the first 90 days of filing the Articles of Incorporation, after which a Statement of Information is due every year.

Can I file a statement of information for a CA?

The Statement of Information must be filed by companies from other states (foreign) that register to do business in California as well as California companies (domestic). Companies are required to file the Statement of Information regardless of if they've actively conducted business or not.

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