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Frequently Asked Questions

What to invest in with my 401k?

Decide how you want to allocate your assets. You can invest your 401K contributions in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, commodities and cash equivalents. Establish the amount of risk you can handle. For example, stocks offer investors the best shot at long-term earnings, but they are riskier.

Are 401k exempt from state taxes?

The most commonly used deferred compensation plan is the 401(k) plan (so named for its IRC section). Employee contributions to 401(k) plans are exempt from federal income tax and, in some states, state income tax, withholding but are not exempt from FICA withholding.

What is a 401k administrator account?

The 401k administrator is the person directly responsible for providing education and plan support to all employees. This may include conducting training sessions which emphasize various plan benefits and assisting in the creation and distribution of plan materials and enrollment forms.

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