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Frequently Asked Questions

Are state Farm CDs any good?

State Farm CDs are pretty straightforward. They don’t come with any rate boosts or extra benefits. However, State Farm’s competitive CD rates are a big perk all on their own. Earning at such high rates enables you to really grow your savings.

When do share rates change State Farm Credit Union?

[1] Share rates are subject to change monthly (such change to be effective on the first day of each month) to reflect any changes as declared by the Board of Directors of the State Farm Credit Union during the month preceding any such change. [2] Payment per $1000 calculated on maximum term available.

Does state Farm have the best interest rates?

Still, State Farm does offer great interest rates that you may not want to miss. Plus, you can maximize your earnings over time by creating a CD ladder. This involves opening multiple CDs with different term lengths at the same time. That way, you can receive payments over the coming years when each CD matures.

What is the shortest term for a state farm CD?

Keep in mind that the shortest State Farm CD term lasts for 12 months which means you cannot access any part of your initial deposit for a year. You can choose to receive interest payments from your CD by check, deposited into a State Farm Bank account or simply added back into the CD.

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