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Frequently Asked Questions

What stats do survival hunters need to stack?

Survival Hunters will need to pile up the Haste stat in order to increase Focus regeneration, attack speed, and reduce the Global Cooldown significantly. Survival Hunters should stack Critical Strike in order to increase their chance to strike critically with spells and abilities.

What is the difference between survival hunters and crits?

While crits deal more damage on their own, Hunters have the added benefit that Go for the Throat causes your crits to generate focus for your pet. Survival Hunters also get the added bonus of Expose Weakness, which will gain a larger up-time with more crit. 2.4.

What is the best Covenant and soulbind setup for survival hunters?

Kyrian with the Forgelite Prime Mikanikos Soulbind is the best Covenant and Soulbind setup for Survival Hunters in Mythic+. You should be using the Enfeebled Mark, Strength of the Pack, and Flame Infusion Conduits. For more information about the best Survival Hunter Covenants and Soulbinds, please check out our page below.

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