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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some of the things that a 'stat' can refer to in medicine?

Serum glucose, haematocrit, white cell count, certain enzymes, PT, PTT, BUN, creatinine. (1) Fast, quickly, immediately. (2) STAT. A jocular acronym (Some Time After Tomorrow) for the opposite of stat, i.e., unlikely to be completed in the desired timeframe.

What does stat mean?

Stat (system call), a Unix system call that returns file attributes of an inode Statistic (role-playing games), a piece of data which represents a particular aspect of a fictional character This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title STAT.

What is the origin of the word stat?

New Latin -stata, from Greek -statēs one that stops or steadies, from histanai to cause to stand — more at stand “Stat.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Accessed 2 Jan. 2023.

Who is the owner of Stat?

"We have complete confidence in Angie's abilities, and are excited to have her assume this leadership role in our company," stated Perry Witkin, the owner of Stat Technologies.

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