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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a good line from the song Stand By Me?

Stand by me. Nobody knows the way it's gonna be. Stand by me. Nobody knows, yeah, nobody knows the way it's gonna be. The way it's gonna be, yeah. Maybe I can see, yeah. Don't you know. The cold and wind and rain don't know. They only seem to come and go away.

What year did stand by me go to number 2?

Stand by Me (Oasis song) The song peaked at number two in the UK charts in September 1997, being kept from the top spot by the record-breaking Elton John single " Candle in the Wind 1997 ", which was re-recorded and released in memory of Diana, Princess of Wales, who had died three weeks before the release of "Stand by Me".

Is there an acoustic version of Stand By Me?

A well-known acoustic version of "Stand by Me" was shown on television the night before the release of Be Here Now as part of a BBC One documentary, featuring Noel, Liam Gallagher and drummer Alan White sitting by the side of a swimming pool, with Liam on vocals, Noel on acoustic guitar and White playing tambourine.

Where was the song 'Stand By Me' filmed?

The video was filmed in the district of Feltham, west London . Since February 2021, the song has appeared in adverts for British bank Halifax. [11] A1. "Stand by Me"

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