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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the symptoms of Stage 4?

Symptoms of stage 4 cancer often include pain. Your treatment plan should include ways to help you be most comfortable, so speak with your care team about your pain and comfort levels. They may be able to provide additional services or refer you to specialized palliative care.

What is your life expectancy with Stage 4 cancer?

There is no average stage four cancer life expectancy which is relevant amongst all types of cancer. Some cancers, such as pancreatic cancer, have a very short expected survival rate while others, such as testicular cancer, may have a high survival rate. Many patients who are diagnosed with stage four cancer will not live one year.

Is there any chance of surviving Stage 4 cancer?

Stage 4 cancer usually has spread to multiple places in the body, meaning you can live only a few weeks or a few months. In rare cases, some people may survive for several months or even a year with stage 4 cancer, with or without treatment. Some studies have found that attempting to aggressively treat cancer that has reached stage 4 can actually lead to a drop in the quality of the patient’s remaining life.

Do people survive Stage 4 cancer?

The survival rate for stage IV cancer is about 10%. Radiation therapy can have side effects, such as fatigue, skin irritation, and hair loss. However, these side effects are usually temporary. Radiation therapy is a safe and effective treatment for cancer. Surgery Surgery is often the first treatment option for stage cancer.

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