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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Sporcle website?

The Sporcle website was started in response to website founder Matt Ramme's desire to learn trivia and his accompanying frustration that there was no existing website suitable for his needs. [1] Users can play and make quizzes on this trivia quiz website, which hosts over one million user-made quizzes that have been played over 4 billion times.

What is Sporcle app?

Sporcle is the App Store’s leading trivia application with new quizzes available on your device everyday! Turn your iPhone/iPod touch and now your iPad into an on-the-go treasure trove of trivia. Can you name the countries of Europe? Do you know all the US Presidents? Can you rattle off the names of all the Pixar movies?

What is Sporcle and how does it work?

Sporcle began operations as an online trivia website, launched on January 30, 2007. Users can play and make quizzes on this quiz website. According to website founder Matt Ramme, the name of the company is inspired by the words sports and oracle. The company's headquarters are located in Seattle and the Detroit metro area.

What is Sporcle Live?

Sporcle Live is the pub trivia part of Sporcle. This consists of live-hosted trivia games typically played in teams and hosted in bars and restaurants. Over 300 weekly events take place in over 10 states. Each game of Sporcle Live is free to play and consists of general knowledge trivia questions with a wagering format.

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