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Frequently Asked Questions

How to use the Soul Music bot on Discord?

The Soul Music Bot is a Discord Bot that allows you to listen to soul music with friends. In order to use the bot, you need to invite it to your Discord server. To do this, you need to first get the invite link for the bot. You can do this by going to the bot’s website and clicking on the “Invite” link.

How do I find the prefix of soul music?

Soul Music's prefix is variable and can be set by using SETPREFIX command. You can find the prefix by pinging the bot. Soul also supports / commands!

What channels does soul music support?

● Soul Music Supports Stage Channels And Slash Commands! ● Soul Music Supports Spotify, Soundcloud And Youtube! ● To get the prefix of your server just mentions the bot!

Does soul music support stage channels and slash commands?

● Soul Music Supports Stage Channels And Slash Commands! 24/7, announce, prefix, pruning, reset, set-changelog, setdj, setdjonly, settc, setvc, settings, settings, setspotifyuid pl-addcurrent, pl-addqueue, pl-create, pl-delete, pl-info, pl-list, pl-load, pl-playshuffle, pl-removedupes, pl-removetrack, pl-spotify

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