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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is solvere?

We’re Solvere (Latin for “to solve”) and here’s our story: we manage senior living communities across the country, but we really see our mission as inspiring people to reach their full potential.

What makes solvere living community stories special?

Just as every individual thrives when his or her unique qualities are encouraged, every community operated by Solvere Living thrives because we recognize, and strengthen, the unique qualities that make its story special too.

What is solvere's philosophy?

Latin for “well-being,” this powerful and comprehensive philosophy is infused into everything we do, making sure that activities and beliefs will continue to inspire you. “The customer always comes first” is frequently said, but rarely demonstrated. At Solvere, it guides every relationship we have.

Why should you choose Solera senior living?

At Solera Senior Living, we believe in working closely with the surrounding community, so that our residents are able to still enjoy many of the benefits within the broader community. Aligning with local colleges enhances our continuing education offerings.

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