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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you like coming to solvera health?

I like coming to Solvera Health. I fully support Solvera and its goal to keep seniors healthy and in their own homes. My contact has primarily been through my Care Coach, a pleasant and helpful person. I'm certain we will be able to work effectively with each other! This clinic has amazing healthcare providers.

How can solvere health transform the healthcare experience?

Transforming the healthcare experience while enabling powerful data collection and actionable insights. Bringing the right healthcare response directly where it's needed is complicated. Solvere Health leads you through it every step of the way. We deliver expertly, from challenge scoping through final data reporting.

Where is solvera health in Galesburg?

Women's health focus of new Solvera Health clinic in Galesburg. Here are the doctors Solvera Health's temporary Galesburg clinic will be at 256 S. Soangetaha Road, a 13,431 square foot office facility located just northeast of Best Western Prairie Inn.

Does solvera offer same day appointments?

Same Day Appointments. Also offering Telehealth Appointments! At Solvera Health, we understand healthcare can be hard to navigate for Medicare patients. Getting appointments, coordinating with specialty doctors, managing preventative health or understanding insurance options can be a challenge.

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