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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to clean solar panels?

With UNGER cleaning products, the work of glass and building cleaners can be carried out quickly, efficiently and safely. When cleaning solar panels, it is particularly important not to damage them during cleaning. Cleaning with pure water is one of the safest, most effective and fastest methods in professional solar cleaning.

Do solar panels self-clean in the UK?

It is widely believed that solar panels installed in the UK will ‘self-clean’ owing to the amount of rainfall we receive. This is true to an extent, and the panels you have installed may be ‘hydrophobic’, with a coating that will prevent water droplets sticking to the surface.

Who are solar park cleaning?

Based in Norfolk, Solar Park Cleaning Ltd (SPC) offers commercial solar PV panel cleaning and ground maintenance services for solar farms throughout the UK and Europe. Our staff are CPLS and IOSH trained.

How much does it cost to clean solar panels?

A domestic solar panel cleaning will generally cost £100-150, assuming you can’t reach the roof and do need to hire a professional. This price is typical for solar arrays of 20 roof panels or fewer, which is the situation for an average family of three in the UK. How often should you clean your solar panels?

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