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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a software license management tool?

A software licensing management tool can help organizations gain a credible compliance score and audit protection. Software licenses imply a number of laws, guidelines, and regulations on the overall usage of the software. Any instances wherein the organization fails to abide by these guidelines would result in compliance violations.

What are the top 9 software license management tools?

1. Zluri 2. Software Asset Optimization by Altair 3. AssetSonar 4. Quick License Manager by Soraco 5. Reprise License Manager by Reprise Software 6. Ivanti License Optimizer 7. ManageEngine AssetExplorer 8. FlexNet Manager by Flexera 9. License Dashboard

What features should you look for in a software license management tool?

A Software License Management system, part of software asset management, involves software license tracking, documenting, and controlling how and where software is used in your organization. A software license management tool can assist you in complying with license agreements, i.e., end-user license agreements (EULA).

What is software license management?

Software license management gives you transparency into your enterprise’s software assets, usage, licenses, and contracts so that you can understand what software is being used, how much, where and by whom.

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