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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the social and cultural innovation SWG?

The Social and Cultural Innovation SWG monitors and assesses the implementation of existing Social Sciences and Humanities RIs, disseminates and shares best practices of Social Sciences and Humanities RIs, and highlights and improves the potential applications in multi-disciplinary RIs. It identifies new important RIs and research demonstrators ...

What determines whether a cultural innovation is successful?

Generally speaking, cultural innovation takes place if a change in the behavior of the population can be monitored with respect to objectives of social inclusion, human rights defense, environment protection, etc. The perspective of the social behavior of final recipients is what decides whether a cultural innovation has been successful or not.

What is social innovation and why does it matter?

“Social innovation is the process of developing and deploying effective solutions to challenging and often systemic social and environmental issues in support of social progress. Social innovation is not the prerogative or privilege of any organizational form or legal structure.

What are the cultural dimensions of innovation?

The cultural dimensions of innovation are far less defined than the social aspects accompanying innovations. In this article, we reflect on cultural innovation in a way that is triggered by a specific policy discourse.

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