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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the meaning and definition of skirting?

noun. British. A wooden board running along the base of an interior wall; a baseboard. ‘the point where the skirting and the stairs meet’. More example sentences. ‘a length of skirting’. ‘All glass framing is let into the structure and there are no architraves or skirtings.’.

What is the plural of skirting?

skirting. staircase. wainscot. window frames. Noun. . Plural for a panel, normally made of wood, between the floor and the interior wall of a structure. baseboards. Find more words!

What is table skirting?

What Is Table Skirting? Like a skirt in a wardrobe, a table skirt is a way to dress up a table. Similar to tablecloths, they wrap around the edge of a table leaving the top uncovered. Chosen in a fabric to match existing décor, a table skirt adds style and function to a room.

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