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Frequently Asked Questions

Why you should use Sitecore?

WHY YOU SHOULD USE SITECORE. Sitecore is the first choice for many enterprises because it offers: multi-site management; Headless content presentation; Personalized data collection; single knowledge repository; cross-channel data analysis; and unlimited scaling. Sitecore is also preferred by businesses because of its: user-friendly interface

How to get the current page in Sitecore?

Via the Sitecore Context you can get access to the current page object: The Sitecore.Context.Item property exposes lots of useful data about the current request. For example, if you want to know if the current page is being viewed in preview mode, or, from the website you can use this code for preview:

What is Sitecore, and why is it the best CMS?

“Sitecore has proven to be the best and most powerful CMS option for clients that need more enterprise-level solutions, while also having the budget to afford it. It readily adapts to any situation and any sized project. It also really excels in environments that require complex workflows and many user permission groups.

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