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Frequently Asked Questions

What is single source of truth (SSOT)?

Single source of truth (SSOT) is a concept used to ensure that everyone in an organization bases business decisions on the same data. Creating a single source of truth is straightforward. To put an SSOT in place, an organization must provide relevant personnel with one source that stores the data points they need.

What is the “single version of truth”?

People often use the terms “single version of truth” and “single source of truth” interchangeably in analytics and business intelligence conversations. While they are complementary and related to each other in the arena of data management, they do mean different things.

What is the difference between single source and single version?

If single source is focused on integrating and synchronizing data, single version is about consolidating and aligning the reporting and analytics. The achievement of these two key outcomes may converge, but they can also be separate and distinct from each other.

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