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Frequently Asked Questions

What shipboard cables does Allied wire and Cable carry?

Allied Wire and Cable carries an extensive stock of Mil-Spec Shipboard cable. We carry three major specifications: M915 Shipboard Cable, which is general-purpose; M24643 Shipboard Cable, which is an LSZH cable; and M24640 Shipboard Cable, which is low-weight and offered in many constructions.

What is a shipboard cable?

The term “shipboard cable” covers a wide range of wire options. Different shipboard cables can be used for power, communication, control, lighting, electronics, instrumentation, and even other specialized applications. They are also diverse in terms of the people who use them: everyone from the U.S. Navy to recreational boaters.

What is mil-spec shipboard cable?

Our Mil-Spec shipboard cable is designed to withstand tough environments that military applications are often in. These cables are suitable for use in naval applications. This can include ocean drilling rigs, submarines, cruise ships, and naval vessels. Available in three different configurations, our shipboard cable is mil-spec compliant.

What is m24640 shipboard cable?

The M24640 Shipboard Cable is lower in weight and smoke emissions than traditional shipboard cable. Because of this, M24640 is safer to use in naval shipboard applications and can help reduce unnecessary weight on naval ships.

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