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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Shin a good place to eat?

Not your average 'strip mall' eatery, Shin is elegant-yet-fun, lovely without being fussy. The staff are amazing and the food innovated, reasonably priced and seriously delicious. I'm so glad I stumbled upon this wonderful restaurant and can't wait to return! The best sushi ans Ramen! Hands down great spot to eat and super family friendly.

What is Shinshin's menu like?

Shin's menu is filled with many food options to satisfy your craving... but definitely at a costly price for just an "ok" taste. I ordered 2 ramens and a spicy tuna bowl which came at a whopping $70+ because after 10pm, 20% mandatory gratuity is added to your bill.

What kind of bread does starbread make?

The bakery also makes filled senorita bread, donuts, croissants, and other baked goods as well. Carbs are friends!!! I am so happy I found StarBread Bakery.

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