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Frequently Asked Questions

What is shibari and why is it so popular?

Marika Leila Roux, co-founder and creative director of Shibari Study, who offer Shibari classes, says "Shibari is a way of communicating through rope and that makes it magical. It’s not just about memorising certain patterns or knots; instead, shibari allows you to use things like how you handle your rope and different ways of using speed, tensi...

What is shibari on Love Island?

In episode 3 of the eight-part series, contestants found themselves in a very sexy Shibari lesson. Touted by the show's guest sexologist Shan Boodram as an ancient Japanese technique "used to improve trust in relationships," the intimacy workshop required partners to tie each other up with ropes.

Where can I learn shibari?

There's a large community of Shibari enthusiasts all over the world. Anatomie Studios hosts weekly Shibari classes in London, and VoxBody offers private studios and rentals in Oakland. Killin first heard about the practice two years ago from someone she met on a dating app.

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