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Frequently Asked Questions

What does sharpshooter mean?

Define sharpshooter. sharpshooter synonyms, sharpshooter pronunciation, sharpshooter translation, English dictionary definition of sharpshooter. n. 1. One who is highly proficient at shooting. 2. a. The second military grade of proficiency in the use of rifles and other small arms. b. One who holds...

What is the difference between a sharpshooter and a marksman?

sharpshooter - someone skilled in shooting. crack shot, marksman. deadeye - a dead shot. franc-tireur - a sharpshooter (in the French army) rifleman - someone skilled in the use of a rifle. shooter, shot - a person who shoots (usually with respect to their ability to shoot); "he is a crack shot"; "a poor shooter".

What rifle does sharpshooter use?

At the beginning he describes his rifle with gibberish about a 6.33 and poly carbonate this and that but in reality it looks like a Remington 700 action with fluted barrel. During the shootout in the boathouse, the muzzle flashes don't match the gunfire sounds. By what name was Sharpshooter (2007) officially released in Canada in English?

Is Royal a sharpshooter?

The pro-Sarkozy conservative daily Le Figaro calls Royal “a sharpshooter .” We were trying to locate a sharpshooter in our front, who had become very troublesome by the accuracy of his aim. The regular drove his team about fifteen miles a day on the average, while the sharpshooter could cover twenty miles and more.

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