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Frequently Asked Questions

Can shale gas ever be profitable?

While many shale companies can turn a profit at $50 to $60 per barrel oil, few can survive at $30 without drastic cuts to production and staff. If oil prices stay in the $30 a barrel range this year, as many as 20,000 energy jobs could be lost in the Houston area alone, according to Bill Gilmer, an economist with the University of Houston.

Will shale gas replace coal as a fuel?

Shale gas is a natural gas trapped within shale formations. It is expected that due to low carbon dioxide emission, shale gas will partially replace conventional hydrocarbon and coal as a source of energy in next century.

What is shale gas, and how is it extracted?

Shale gas or unconventional gas is extracted from the impermeable shale through a process called hydraulic fracturing (also known as hydrofracking or fracking). A crude form of this technique, involving nitroglycerine, was used for the first time around the 1860s to explore for oil and gas. During hydraulic fracturing, a mixture of water ...

Could shale gas meet energy deficit?

Hence, the resulting deficit of energy can be met by developing the unconventional energy resources. Among all unconventional energy resources, shale gas is relatively the potential source of energy to be developed in a sustainable way. However, the degree of uncertainty is large for sustainable development of shale gas reservoirs.

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