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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the Gibson SG called the SG?

So Gibson renamed the guitar the SG (for "solid guitar"), giving this legendary axe the identity it still carries today. The quintessential Gibson SG is the Standard, and you'll find more than a few of those in this section, such as the SG Standard 120th Anniversary Electric Guitar in honor of Gibson's 120th birthday. Looking for a leftie version?

What does SG stand for?

Acronym Definition SG Singapore SG Stargate (TV show) SG Shooting Guard (basketball) SG Secretary-General 79 more rows ...

What does S/G stand for?

Definition; S/G: Strain Gage: S/G: Seeds per Gram (horticulture) S/G: Steam Generator: S/G: Space-to-Ground: S/G: Syringyl to Guaiacyl

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