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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the lesson of Blessed Assurance?

Lesson 17: Blessed Assurance (1 John 3:19-24) Every child has a basic need to feel assured of his parents’ love. It should be obvious that if parents verbally or physically abuse a child, that child will not feel loved by his parents. Eventually, he will distance himself from them through withdrawal or rebellion.

What does “Oh Blessed Assurance” mean?

Blessed Assurance! We then move on to say that this is our story and our song. Our song being that Jesus is mine, and that we are the heirs of Salvation – meaning it (salvation) was left behind for us and we are entitled to inherit (gain) salvation. Oh Blessed Assurance! When we sing that hymn we put an emphasis on assurance.

Who wrote Blessed Assurance?

Blessed assurance, Jesus is mine! This text and 'To God Be the Glory" (473) are probably the best known texts by Fanny J. Crosby ( PHH 473 ). She said the following about her writing of the text: Sometimes a tune is furnished me for which to write the words. The hymn titled "Blessed Assurance" was made in this manner.

Is ‘Blessed Assurance’ the most famous hymn of all time?

And so a hymn was born. During her lifetime, Fanny Crosby wrote eight thousand hymns, many of which became famous — but “Blessed Assurance” just might be the most famous of all.

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