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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Golden Seniors Softball Club of Sacramento?

The Golden Seniors Softball Club of Sacramento provides softball fun and excitement to seniors, both men and women, and promotes friendship and camaraderie through meeting new people and playing and competing in league games.

Is there a softball league in Sacramento CA?

USA Softball of Sacramento will run a weeknight league for 10u, 12u & 14u at Antelope High School in the Spring. Season expected to start the 3rd week of March. To sign up for the league, please go to

What is a USA Softball of Sacramento Commissioner?

The applicants for USA Softball of Sacramento Commissioner should be individuals interested in serving as the Chief Executive Officer of a multi-faceted softball organization which serves adults, youth, seniors and umpires.

What is usausa softball of Sacramento?

USA Softball of Sacramento and the Greater Sacramento Softball Association has partnered with Sunrise Rec & Park District as well as City of Rocklin to offer league play during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons. The league program is designed to provide both competitive and recreational league opportunities for softball teams in the area.

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