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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of assisted living in San Diego?

They'll check out how much help your loved one needs with the ADLs, and they'll make recommendations if they feel they're not a good fit. How Much Does Assisted Living Cost in San Diego? The average monthly cost of assisted living in San Diego is $4,500 according to the Genworth Cost of Care Calculator.

Is assisted living only for seniors?

Low-income seniors over the age of 62 may qualify to live in subsidized housing via HUD’s Section 202 program, which covers both independent and assisted living environments. Established in 1959, Section 202 is the only HUD program that provides housing exclusively for seniors. These properties are often owned by nonprofit organizations.

What are the benefits of living in San Diego?

Benefits of Living in Downtown San Diego Boasting picturesque views of the Pacific Ocean, a temperate climate, endless amounts of sun and sparkling water, San Diego is a paradise for many. The city vaunts all of the benefits of big city living with a relaxed atmosphere that is common to Southern California, thus attracting new residents from ...

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