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Frequently Asked Questions

What are senior living apartments?

What are Senior Living Apartments? Senior living apartments in your area might also be advertised as senior citizen apartments, 55 and older communities, low income housing for 55 and older or senior retirement apartments.

Are there any affordable senior apartments for rent?

It used to be the case that older people were either cared for at their homes or went to nursing homes, but with advances in medicine people are living longer and are healthier. There is a vast array of affordable senior apartments for rent and many are finding that local senior living apartments suit their changing lifestyle.

What are 55 and over apartments for seniors?

55 and over apartments for seniors may include meal plans, access to amenities, and additional services or might price them independently in a la carte fashion. There is often a one-time entry / purchase fee when it comes to 55 plus senior citizen apartments, especially when they are part of continuing care retirement communities.

What are senior citizen housing and age-restricted communities?

Senior citizen housing and age-restricted communities are allowed under the Fair Housing Act. Generally, a community can restrict occupancy to residents based on age if 1 of 2 conditions are met. At least 1 resident of a unit must be 55 years of age or older, or, at least 80% of the occupied units are over 55 or older.

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