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Frequently Asked Questions

How to find an apartment as a senior?

Keep costs low.Manage rent increases.Seek age-friendly features.Aim for proximity to services.Interview current residents.Consider an age-restricted community.Look for help with maintenance.Negotiate upfront.Test out a retirement spot.

What are independent living communities and senior apartments?

“Independent living” and “living independently” sound similar but actually have different meanings for older adults. Living independently simply entails continuing on as always in your own home, whereas independent living represents a choice within the range of senior living communities.

How to find independent senior living communities?

To find an independent living community near you, search by zip code here in the Independent Living Directory. Be sure to look for reviews of independent living communities written by other residents or their loved ones. Once you’ve narrowed your choices, take a tour so you or your loved one can see the amenities firsthand.

Can I afford to move into a senior living community?

Yes, Senior Living CAN Be Affordable! Perhaps you’ve heard horror stories. Maybe you fear that you can least afford what you or your loved one needs the most. But while senior care housing can indeed be costly, there are a host of financial assistance programs that have emerged in recent years – not for the indigent but for seniors who own ...

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