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Frequently Asked Questions

Is season 2 better than Season 1?

So I guess if you like a lot of filler with your plot, then yes season 1 is better than season 2. Yup, less character moments, less focus on interesting characters in favor of new less engaging ones, entire season devoted to threat that wasn't too interesting to me (prefer actual DC villains), and most importantly...

Is season 7 the worst season?

season seven is by far the worst season. may I ask why? Eh.. no. Season 7 wasn't the best, but was far superior compared to season 9. Why? It has great episodes such as Andy’s play and sex Ed

What are the months of each season?

What Are the Months for Each Season? In the Northern Hemisphere, spring covers March, April and May; summer covers June, July and August; fall covers September, October and November; and winter covers December, January and February. There are no official allocations of the four seasons, though, and in the Southern Hemisphere, the seasons are ...

When do the seasons start and end?

Meteorologically speaking, the seasons are three-month periods. Summer is June, July and August. So, the summer months are over and autumn has now begun, and lasts through the rest of September, October and November. Before computer technology, it provided a more straightforward way of gathering and analysing statistics.

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