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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Scram stand for?

What Is The SCRAM Device? The SCRAM bracelet is used to monitor DUI offenders long-term and is most often used to monitor repeat DUI offenders such as second time dui and third time dui offenders who have been ordered by the court to avoid alcohol as part of their sentence. SCRAM stands for Secure Continuos Remote Alcohol Monitor

What is a SCRAM device and what does it do?

SCRAM means "Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor." This device is a tamper-resistant ankle bracelet that you wear to monitor the amount of alcohol in your body after being convicted of DUI.

What does Scram stand for alcohol?

What does SCRAM Stand for? ... Secure Continuous Remote Alcohol Monitor (Alcohol Monitoring Systems, Inc.) Short-Cut Risk Assessment Method Statistical CRAck Mechanics Supersonic Combustion Ramjet Support Center for Regulatory Atmospheric Modeling ...

How sensitive is Scram?

The detection hit rate of the SCRAM bracelet is quite sensitive at a BAL of 0.02g/dL. In another study, researchers gave 61 participants 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 twelve-ounce Corona® beers (4.6% ABV) over five days in a controlled setting. However, the thresholds were lowered to between zero and 0.02g/dL to detect the TAC in these conditions.

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