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Frequently Asked Questions

How did the Cardinals score 31st INT in the first quarter?

On fourth-and-short, less than a yard, the Cardinals went for it in the first quarter on their own 39-yard line. Blough attempted a QB sneak for no gain and the Cardinals turned the ball over on downs. David Blough picked off! 31st INT for #31! The 49ers had the first takeaway of the game in the second quarter.

How did the Cardinals get on the board?

The Cardinals get on the board after only two plays. They received the kickoff and, on the second play, David Blough aired out a deep pass. Green grabbed the ball, broke a tackle and ran the distance for a 77-yard touchdown. It was the Cardinals’ longest play of the season and Green’s second touchdown of the season.

How long does it take for the Cardinals to get the ball?

Cardinals get the ball with 11 seconds and one timeout after the Chargers' clutch TD and two-point drive. Kyler Murray's first pass takes five seconds and isn't close to anyone. His second one takes the entire remaining clock and is nearly picked by Michael Davis. And that'll do it! Los Angeles finds a way to pull this one out, 25-24.

What happened at halftime for the Cardinals?

Halftime: The Cardinals avoided doing what they did the last two years after their bye: Play terrible. They've done the opposite, playing quite well considering the weather which has caused the ball to be slippery at times.

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