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Frequently Asked Questions

What is schedulefly software?

Schedulefly is cloud-based scheduling software designed for the hospitality sector, especially for restaurants. It helps facilitate communication within workplaces and ensures smooth operations. Users can access this solution via mobile or PC.

What are the pros and cons of schedulefly?

“Schedulefly Makes Restaurant Scheduling Easy! ” Pros: Makes scheduling simple, certainly provides you with the best and easiest way for employees to trade shifts with a Managers approval. Cons: Nothing negative to add here, never experienced a single problem using this software! “Employee Scheduling software for a budget that works”

What do you like most about schedulefly?

Overall: The interface, usability, various tools to utilize-all combine to give an outstanding platform for both our managers and the employees. All 10 of our restaurants use ScheduleFly and we can't imagine our work life without it. Scheduling was surveyed as one of the worst things our managers had to deal with-this software changed that.

How does schedulefly work at three brothers winery?

Three Brothers Winery uses Schedulefly for web-based restaurant employee scheduling, communication and job posting.

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